With 109 years of life, Jessie Gallan was officially the oldest woman in Scotland. Recently, she revealed the secret for longevity, which is surprisingly funny and simple.

Namely, if you want to live a long and healthy life, she recommends eating porridge for breakfast every day and, most importantly, start avoiding men.

That’s right. It turns out that the secret to long life has been hiding in men this whole time. Or, to be more precise, it has been hiding away from men.

“They’re just more trouble than they’re worth,” Gallan explains.

The 109-year-old has been independent her whole life. She has worked hard since she has been a teenager. Gallan has left her home when she has been only 13 and she had to earn for living alone. She continued working hard for her living her whole life and she never married.

“I worked hard and seldom would I ever take a holiday,” Gallan says.

In the interview for Daily Mail she talks about her life before and after turning 100.

“She’s absolutely amazing,” a caregiver at Gallan’s nursing home said.

Unfortunately, Gallan passed away in Scotland soon after giving the interview.