It’s a sweet and salty snack made with a combination of cherrios, rice chex, wheat chex, pretzel sticks, M&M’s and white chocolate. Image trail mix on steroids – it’s EVERYTHING. My mom’s been making this mix for us for ages, especially during the holiday season because it’s just so gorgeous and festive. I like to make big batches of this and pack it up so I can give it out as gifts around this time of year! Also – FYI – it keeps super well in the freezer.

TOP Reviews:
Easy, to make
Kids love love love it!
You can also add sprinkles, & or coconut flakes

it was AMAZING also if you want you can skip the backing step so it isnt hard but is still delish

Oh goodness! Trying to make these for New Years Eve family gathering and mistakenly sprinkled chocolate chips over Carmel mixture I had just spread over crackers and realized my mistake right as the chips were melting in the oven! I left them in the warm oven turned off til chips completely melted, then spread evenly over crackers. We shall see how they turn out Going into refrigerator now!

OMG ! this is very easy and so good! I just made this today with light brown sugar and Milk Chocolate. It is no problem ,everything came perfect ! Definitely repeat . Thank you


3 cups Cheerios

3 cups Rice Chex

3 cups Wheat Chex

1 cups Pretzel Sticks

2-3 cups m&m’s

24 oz White Chocolate (plus an extra 4-8 oz if needed)

In a large bowl combine the Cheerios, Chex, Pretzels and m&m’s. Mix them up a bit, making sure that everything is evenly distributed.

Meanwhile, over a double boiler, melt the white chocolate according to the directions on the package.

Once the chocolate has melted and is a smooth consistency, drizzle the chocolate over the cereal mix and combine with a wooden spoon or hands. Make sure all the cereal is covered in chocolate. If you need to melt the extra white chocolate to cover all the mix then go right on ahead!

Once the entire batch has been combined, lay it out to dry on a large sheet of parchment or wax paper. Let dry for 1 hour so the chocolate is cooled and hard. Break it up into medium pieces and store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.