Are your taste buds telling you they need something fresh and sweet? Feed them strawberry cheesecake salad!

I am a mega fan of strawberries. in fact, they are my favorite summer fruit. I love going to the strawberry patch at one of my area’s local farms and picking them myself. Now, take those strawberries home and mix them up with sugar and cream cheese and you have one heck of a dessert!

Strawberry cheesecake salad is a wonderful dessert to make for church potlucks and summer picnics. Kids and adults alike LOVE this treat!

If you haven’t yet tried strawberry cheesecake salad then you should!

When it comes to strawberries and cream cheese I’ll pretty much eat them any way they are prepared. This luscious strawberry cheesecake salad, well, I’m smitten! I know you will be, too. For starters, this strawberry cheesecake salad is ultra easy to make. You’ll find yourself whipping it up in a jiffy. My husband and kids absolutely love this stuff!


Did you know that you can sweeten this lovely salad with a non-sugar sweetener such as Swerve? By doing so, you’ll be creating a low-carb dessert! Just remember to leave out the graham crackers and replace them with blanched almond meal.



16 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
1 c. Domino powdered sugar
2 tsp. McCormick pure vanilla extract
16 oz. cool whip
16 oz. Strawberries, sliced
2 ripe bananas, sliced
12 oz. raspberries
3 tbsp. Keebler crushed graham crackers


1. In a large bowl using a hand mixer, beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in Cool Whip until combined.

2. Fold in strawberries, bananas, and raspberries. Transfer to serving bowl and sprinkle top with graham cracker crumbs.

Quick Tip: This strawberry cheesecake salad recipe is very easy to double when feeding a crowd.

Thank you Delish and YouTube for this wonderful strawberry cheesecake salad recipe.